Frequently Asked Questions


Should I buy Quads or Blades?


This is a commonly asked question amongst new skaters and the answer is always subject to your own personal choice but there are a few general things to consider.   


  • Quads: If you want to dance, quad skates can make the job easier. They have a shorter wheel base so are less cumbersome when working with intricate dance steps.


Artistic Skating, Jam skating and Roller Derby are just some of the activities undertaken on quads.


  • Blades: If speed is your fancy, blades may be the way to go. They have a long wheel base but narrower wheels so less contact with the road, ensuring skates are less suceptible to differing road surfaces.


Speed Skating, Slalom and Inline Hockey are just some of the activities that are undertaken on blades.


If you are still unsure why don't you hire some skates and try them!



Where do lessons take place?


Locations for lessons do vary depending on the weather/time of year and availiability of space / type of class. Specific location information will be detailed at time of booking so email us  or call 07964 016 712. Don't forget to let us know what type of lesson or group course you are interested in.



How long will it take to be proficient on skates?


A tricky question unfortunatley and dependant wholly on your own capabilities and learning curve. The more practise you put in the more you will acheive.


Why would I want to pay for a lesson with toskate when I can learn to skate at one of the many Roller Disco's or learn in the park?


This is a question that I am hearing far more frequently and the answer is easy. Our lessons are students who are keen to understand what they are doing and perfect their skills, advancing quicker through their learning curve. 


At toskate we teach 'Intelligent skating'. We believe you don't just learn the skill but understand the mechanisms and principles behind it.That way you can problem solve when you come across other skills you are learning.


Are your instructors quad skaters or inline skaters teaching quads?


Lorraine the main instructor at is a quad and inline skater and has been teaching on quads as well as inline's for many years.


In addition she is the Artistic Director / Owner of  'The London Skate Crew' a quad dance / jam skating company so you can always check out her credentials by clicking here. She has also worked extensively on quads, teaching at a number of the well known London Roller venues and also performing/Jam skating for many well known clients, both coroporate and on television.


For enquiries or to find out more about what we offer contact us on


Tel: 07984 016 712 or email us


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