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Jam Skating / Dance on Skates


Are you interested in dance on skates, known as Jam skating.


Classes are held at a number of central london locations depending on the time of year and type of class.



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Please note, all skaters coming to a Jam class must be able to walk on the spot in their skates, skate forwards and stop efficiently to undertake these classes.


If you are in any doubt about your level, feel free to give us a call. We are here to help and give you the right advice to increase your learning curve.


Our Credentials


We are Jam skating specialists and we can teach you how to moon walk, do crazy legs, heel and toe moves, spins and lots of other stuff including floor moves.


Our Chief Instructor, Lorraine Roberts initially started her career as a dancer and choreographer, running her own dance company and performing in theatres across London including the 'Lilian Baylis Theatre' and 'The Place Theatre'.


She has recently started up the London Skate Crew, a Jam skating company who will be coming to an area near you soon. Check out our new video at the '' website/blog or click on the London skate crew image above.


Originally trained in Contemporary / physical theatre, ballet and jazz, Lorraine has a BA Hons in Dance Theatre and her experience as a dancer / choreographer and teacher of dance has been invaluable.


For enquiries or to find out more about what we offer contact us on


Tel: 07984 016 712 or email us



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