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Are you undecided about whether a group or private lesson is best? Use our checklist below to help you.


                 Private Skating Lessons                 Group Skating Lessons

Personalised lesson format


Meet new skating mates
Targeted to individual needs and abilities Learn from watching and listening to others

One on one problem


Part of a crowd so less intensive
Potential higher learning curve Able to benchmark against others in group
Flexible lesson times Various Groups to meet skating needs





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Lessons cater for all ages and levels of ability from beginner through to advanced and we specilaise in both quad and inline skating. 


Quad skaters: All our quad skating instructors ride quad skates and are specialists in this form of skating. 'toskate' do not use  inline only skate instructors for quad skating styles!


London Lesson Locations :


Hyde Park and Battersea Park




For enquiries or to find out more about what we offer contact Lorraine 


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